Branding Photo Session at Ping

Branding Photo Session at Ping

Ping Canada just started a website and social media presence. This is very exciting, because up until now, there has only been a US site and social. All of Canada’s sales have pretty much only been through golf town and golf courses.  Ping Canada Fitting Centre
Hole 18, Dundas Valley Golf and Country Club
As you might know, I have recently acquired a love of golf, since meeting my golf-obsessed boyfriend 3 years ago. With him being a Ping employee (and overall lover of all things Ping), I have also been conditioned to be a lover of Ping and ONLY Ping… Hahah. Anyway…. he hired me to take photos for their new website and social platforms. Some photos of their fit center in Oakville and a few pictures of what a fitting would look like.

Ping Canada Fitting Centre

You can see some of the photos in action on the Ping Canada website As well as on their Instagram and Twitter.  If you’d like to book me for a photo session, click here for my contact information.

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