IQ Centre – Oakville

IQ Centre – Oakville

Penalta asked me to take some “artsy” shots of their IQ centre in oakville. It’s so close to completion, but they are still finishing off some interrior and landscaping. Come spring time it will look so freakin’ cool.

I was lucky to hitch a ride on the lift, to trolly around the site and get pics form some cool angles. Thanks for the A+ driving, Josh!

Here are some of my fav shots from the shoot. You will notice most of them are angled up, this is because the ground was very messy and not photo-ready.

Ping Canada

Ping Canada

Ping Canada just started a website and social media presence. This is very exciting, because up until now, there has only been a US site and social. All of Canada’s sales have pretty much only been through golf town and golf courses.

Hole 18, Dundas Valley Golf and Country Club

As you might know, I have recently acquired a love of golf, since meeting my golf-obsessed boyfriend 3 years ago. With him being a Ping employee (and overall lover of all things Ping), I have also been conditioned to be a lover of Ping and ONLY Ping… Hahah.

Anyway…. he hired me to take photos for their new website and social platforms. Some photos of their fit center in Oakville and a few pictures of what a fitting would look like.

You can see some of the photos in action on the Ping Canada website As well as on their Instagram and Twitter.

Hello 2020!

Hello 2020!

Hello 2020! Wow! Look at me – starting a blog, revamping my website, updating my branding…. Seems like 2020 has brought me some new found motivation to get my shit together 🙂

This is going to be Effie Edits’ YEAR! Hitting goals, turning new leads into sales, and stepping up my gear game!

First on the list for new equipment:

  1. DRONE
    I’ve gotten a lot of interest from clients, on whether I offer drone services. I’ve always been scared because of the licences and permits you need, but DJI just released a baby drone that still shoots great quality footage. Best of all, you don’t need a licence or permits to fly it!
    TBH this is a cop out because I already have it, but I’ve used it so few times, that it feels brand new. I’ll be looking to book a lot more video gigs this year (even pushing it as an add on to my photo services).
  3. External monitor
    I’m finding it so hard to focus, I think this is going to be a game changer. I can already hear my video friends saying “How did you even shoot using the tiny LCD screen?!”
  4. SONY CAMERA (for video)
    This is a maybe. I really am thinking of sticking with my Nikon D750 for 2020 and upgrading next year. Let’s see how this year goes. If i’m booking a lot more video gigs, I might need to step it up sooner. I’d love to have a camera that Auto-focuses while shooting video. Manually focusing is getting pretty hectic, especially while using the Ronin.
    Technically not equipment, but I need to start working from a desk and chair a bit more often. I do love editing on my couch while I binge my latest Netflix show… but (weirdly) I seem to get a lot more done without distractions… strange….
    Anywho, IKEA here I come!

This might be all for now. I will leave you with a photo of a puppy that I took at the end of 2019. She is looking majestically into her future, thinking about what the new year will bring her. New toys & treats? I’m hoping for the same.

Future blog posts will likely be project/gallery based – but who doesn’t like a little goal setting for the start of the year?? Hello 2020!