Hello 2020!

Wow! Look at me – starting a blog, revamping my website, updating my branding…. Seems like 2020 has brought me some new found motivation to get my shit together 🙂

This is going to be Effie Edits’ YEAR! Hitting goals, turning new leads into sales, and stepping up my gear game!

First on the list for new equipment:

  1. DRONE
    I’ve gotten a lot of interest from clients, on whether I offer drone services. I’ve always been scared because of the licences and permits you need, but DJI just released a baby drone that still shoots great quality footage. Best of all, you don’t need a licence or permits to fly it!
    TBH this is a cop out because I already have it, but I’ve used it so few times, that it feels brand new. I’ll be looking to book a lot more video gigs this year (even pushing it as an add on to my photo services).
  3. External monitor
    I’m finding it so hard to focus, I think this is going to be a game changer. I can already hear my video friends saying “How did you even shoot using the tiny LCD screen?!”
  4. SONY CAMERA (for video)
    This is a maybe. I really am thinking of sticking with my Nikon D750 for 2020 and upgrading next year. Let’s see how this year goes. If i’m booking a lot more video gigs, I might need to step it up sooner. I’d love to have a camera that Auto-focuses while shooting video. Manually focusing is getting pretty hectic, especially while using the Ronin.
    Technically not equipment, but I need to start working from a desk and chair a bit more often. I do love editing on my couch while I binge my latest Netflix show… but (weirdly) I seem to get a lot more done without distractions… strange….
    Anywho, IKEA here I come!

This might be all for now. I will leave you with a photo of a puppy that I took at the end of 2019. She is looking majestically into her future, thinking about what the new year will bring her. New toys & treats? I’m hoping for the same.

Future blog posts will likely be project/gallery based – but who doesn’t like a little goal setting for the start of the year?? Hello 2020!