This was my second time working with Fran for Branding photos. Not only is she gorgeous and super photogenic, but she’s such a pleasure to work with. I also feel so creative and inspired when clients have great wardrobe and really vibe with the space we chose to work with. These photos feel so tailored to her, and I love seeing her using them for her Branding and social media. We shot at Studio By House in Mississauga. This is the new studio that just opened up, called Studio C.

Enjoy some photos of her Branding Session.

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Working with Effie is an absolute DREAM! I’ve had tons of photoshoots done for personal, professional and real estate properties and Effie is definitely one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. Her photos are absolutely incredible to say the least. She gives fantastic direction and is patient, fun and professional to work with – you’ll feel comfortable with her within minutes. Amazing communication for everything – pre-shoot, during, and post! I ended up purchasing a ton more photos because they were so good! She works with your aesthetic, tone, ideas and is incredibly creative herself! I’ve done two shoots with her and I’m already looking for excuses to do a bunch more!!!

Frances Carating


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